Classic Pro Animation Track

Seven 12-week classes

Our newest approach to online animation education. Built on cutting edge curriculum, designed by industry professionals and informed by recruiters at world-class studios. Join a team of animation and VFX students and learn to use studio best-practices, professional workflows and our exclusive production pipeline to produce a short film. Graduates of this seven class, 21 month program receive a diploma in Advanced Character Animation Production.

Be Bold.

Leverage cutting edge curriculum design, exclusive technology, interdisciplinary collaboration and constant experimentation to learn faster and produce better work.

Your Team.

Learn and collaborate with other animators and VFX artists on your team to produce bigger and better animated stories.

Animate a Short Film.

Produce a short, animated film using studio best-practices, professional workflows and our exclusive production pipeline technology.

05 pro advanced acting story Advanced Acting and Storytelling   Pro

Advanced Acting and Storytelling- Pro

Class Length: 12 weeks
Upcoming Term: Fall 2014
Start Date: September 29, 2014
Application Due: August 1, 2014
Registration Opens: July 28, 2014
Class Tuition: $2,799

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In Advanced Acting and Storytelling – Pro, spend the first 9 weeks of the course focusing on building your advanced acting skills as an individual animator. The final 3 weeks of the course are spent learning how to create a compelling story through short film walkthroughs with top animators. This course will prepare you to jump in to the last two classes of this track and create a killer short film sequence with your team. You’ll leave class with a two-character dialogue sequence for your demo reel.

Learn How to:

  • Plan and animate a sequence of 3-4 shots featuring a two-person dialogue
  • Find balance in your sequence by giving each character life, while maintaining focus on the core beats of the shot
  • Integrate convincing body mechanics with acting effectively
  • Understand the process of creating a short film: including ideation, character development, layout planning and scheduling
  • Learn how to tell a compelling story and let your ideas come to life through your animation
  • Film a story pitch to your mentor, and propose an idea for a short film to animate with your team in your next two classes
  • To see what you learn week by week, check out the course breakdown

Why it’s right for you:

  • Be Bold: The Classic Pro Animation Track is for those animators looking for cutting-edge curriculum design, exclusive technology, interdisciplinary teamwork, collaboration and constant experimentation
  • Improve your ability to work on a team, by giving and taking feedback from your mentors and peers
  • Prepare yourself to succeed in the studio environment – go beyond the principles of animation and learn how to work with your fellow animators and your peers further down the production pipeline
  • Impress your animation supervisor on day one by seamlessly integrating your animation within the larger sequence
  • Graduate with a team-based short film sequence for your demo reel
  • Learn from top professional mentors at the most trusted and well-respected online animation school

What You Get:

  • A 3-year active student license to Autodesk Maya – including Mudbox, 3D Studio Max, and more
  • Access to the Animation Mentor community of over 5,500 students and alumni in more than 105 countries around the world
  • Instruction from top-quality mentors from the world’s leading animation studios
  • Over 12 hours of pre-recorded lecture material, made available to watch on-demand each week
  • A weekly eCritique of your assignment from your mentor
  • A weekly live Q&A with your mentor and classmates
  • Access to the Animation Mentor resource library with guest lectures, additional Q&As, and weekly video news
  • Ongoing access to all characters and rigs from the course, including Bishop, Stella, Stan, Stewart, the Imps, Squirrels, Bird Ball and Monster Ball


Earn a passing grade in Introduction to Acting (note: there is no Advanced Placement into this class)