Anatomy of a Fight Webinar

event detail recap sumida 01 Anatomy of a Fight Webinar“Everything we do is designed to provide the most personal and fulfilling learning experience on the planet!” says Bobby Beck, Animation Mentor’s CEO and cofounder. “Having someone of Dr. Stuart Sumida’s standing is an incredible honor for us. His excitement and passion for his craft inspires all of us — students, alumni, staff, and hopefully some new friends and future students, too!”

No truer words were ever spoken when Dr. Stuart Sumida joined us for an exclusive webinar, Anatomy of a Fight.

event detail recap sumida 02 Anatomy of a Fight Webinar


The Animation Mentor community watched intently as Dr. Sumida detailed the key points of animating realistic human/human, human/animal and animal/animal fight sequences. He also reviewed Animation Mentor student shots, discussed the things to remember when animating an aerial fight … and even highlighted how our programs teach you the proper techniques to kick butt with your animation.

It’s True … He Really Is the Animation Industry’s Leading Butt-Kicker

In addition to his tenure as a professor of biology at California State University, San Bernardino — Dr. Sumida is an internationally renowned paleontological researcher and foremost authority of anatomy and fight choreography for the animation industry … not to mention a dedicated Aikido student for over 30 years.

event detail recap sumida 04 Anatomy of a Fight Webinar

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