SIGGRAPH: August 7

Siggraph 2011 was a blast! We had the opportunity to meet a ton of new people, as well as a lot of familiar faces and spread the Animation Mentor cheer!  We held several events including an industry party which connected students, alumni and professionals together for a fun filled evening of lettin’ loose!

Sig AM booth SIGGRAPH: August 7



Our booth acts as the place where our peeps come to hang out or meet-up as well as get their demo reels reviewed.  This picture shows Carlos Baena (Animation Mentor co-founder) sharing his thoughts about animation to a group of hungry onlookers.



Siggraph Crowd SIGGRAPH: August 7



Carlos Baena packs the house at his talk on bringing characters to life.




Siggraph Carlos talks SIGGRAPH: August 7





Carlos shares his stories to inspire and motivate the attendees. Go Carlos!

Sig AM party SIGGRAPH: August 7

We threw a great party with our friends at Reel FX and packed the house with tons of students, alumni and professionals where they let loose until the wee hours of the morning!

Sig Mentors SIGGRAPH: August 7Mentors Mark Pullyblank (Left) and Kenny Roy (Right) share their words and advice with the crowd.

Overall we had an incredible time this year at Siggraph and hope those who participated in the Animation Mentor festivities did so as well! Hope to see you all soon!!!