Mentor Chris Hurtt 2 Chris Hurtt

Chris Hurtt

Lead Character Animator
Industrial Light & Magic – London

Film: Fantastic Beasts, Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book, Paddington, The Book of Life, Hercules, Borne Legacy, John Carter, Super 8, G-Force, Surf’s Up, Beowulf, Open Season, Spider-Man 2, Stuart Little 2, Fantasia 2000, Dinosaur, Disney’s Hercules

Short: Mog’s Christmas Calamity, Hubert’s Brain, Hubert’s Brain

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Known For:

Disney Jungle Book Chris HurttThe Jungle Book
Reel FX Book Life Chris HurttThe Book of Life
Sony Surfs Up Chris HurttSurf’s Up
Sony Spiderman 2 Chris HurttSpider-man 2

Chris’ Demo Reel

What Chris’ Students are Saying

Chris answers all of our questions very patiently, in the Q&A and also during the week. Gives detailed and helpful feedback on our critiques. The Q&As are very fun and informative. He prepares a lot of subjects to discuss and asks which are the ones we would like to talk about the most so the classes are always the most helpful for us.

I think Chris is not only a good mentor but also a very good person. To me he was best when giving critiques, he was very supportive and positive, and tried his best to give the most info on what we were creating. He understood what we were going through and that was in itself very reassuring.