CG Basics
Course Breakdown

Learn more about our twelve-week class curriculum, an intense three months that will provide you with everything you need to know about CG basics!

Curriculum Summary

Week 01 Intro to the Camera

This week you’ll be introduced to the camera, which we use to capture the physical & virtual worlds.

Week 02 Hard Surface Modeling Overview

A high level overview of basic hard surface modeling concepts in Maya.

Week 03 Surfacing Overview

Define the way light and surface characteristics play together. Gain an overview of shaders, materials and textures using Maya and Arnold Renderer.

Week 04 Lighting & Compositing

Step into the world of light and layers as you begin building your understanding of how to construct a finished image.

Week 05 Hard Surface Modeling 1

Go through the planning process and into the initial steps of a complete model scratch build.

Week 06 Hard Surface Modeling 2

Explore some additional techniques like NURBS, comparing and contrasting their strengths and weaknesses against your old standby polys.

Week 07 Understanding UVs

UVs and UV Mapping are part of the look development process. Unwrap your model and get UVs prepped for texture mapping.

Week 08 Shaders & Materials

Go deeper with the many different shader and material variables to keep pushing the realism and style of your images.

Week 09 Intro to Texture Creation

Discover the standard map types and how you can source our own textures using photography and digital paint techniques.

Week 10 Texture Creation

Explore texture creation, procedural textures and camera projection techniques. Learn how to set texture resolution and file formats for optimizing renders with the Arnold Renderer.

Week 11 Lighting and Rendering Process

Learn the CG camera and the render process. Rendering is taking a snapshot of our 3D scene and turning it into a 2D image.

Week 12 Compositing

Compositing is where you will take all the ingredients (modeling, surfacing, lighting) you’ve created and put them together to make your final image.

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