Creature Animation:
Fight or Flight

Curriculum Summary

12-week course breakdown:

Week 01Flying Creature Essentials: Theory and Walkthrough

Jim Brown, Animator at Pixar Animation Studios, demonstrates a breakdown of a dragon flying over the Golden Gate bridge.

Week 02Exploring the World of Flying Creatures

Glen McInstosh, Animation Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, demonstrates how a professional animator breaks down flight, and the unique anatomy of flying creatures.

Week 03Integrating Your Character in the Real World

Animator Alison Sanders demonstrates how to animate your creature with a live-action background plate.

Week 04The Fight! Dynamic Interaction Part 1

Dovi Anderson, Animator at Pixar Animation Studios, takes you through a dynamic fight sequence from conception to completion. A step-by-step Maya walkthrough is a must-see!

Week 05The Fight! Dynamic Interaction Part 2

Dovi Anderson continues the fight sequence and adds polish to the final animation, while maintaining the essential power of the fight.

Week 06Basic Cinematography

Nick Walker, Layout Artist at Industrial Light & Magic, walks through a comprehensive introduction to cinematography, basic composition, camera mood, and much more.

Week 07Creature Production Sequence

In this class, Erik Morgansen, Animator at Industrial, Light & Magic, will breakdown shots from professional visual effects feature films, including: Pacific Rim and Transformers. This class will serve as a feast of knowledge and inspiration for those who have ever wondered what it was like to work as an experienced animator in the world of visual effects!

Week 08Walkthrough a Shot: Timing and Spacing Special

Watch more student workflows with Jin Xie as she breaks down her nuanced and subtle dragon shot.

Week 09Walkthrough a Shot: Interaction Special

Animation Mentor alumnus Richard Oud animates an impressive ogre fighting shot interacting with a live-action human. Watch and be inspired by his amazing workflow.

Week 10Walkthrough a Shot: Polish

Charles Alleneck, Animator at Industrial Light & Magic, shares all his favorite polishing tips and tricks he's learned in production at ILM.

Week 11That's a Final!

Animator Nicole Herr has worked on many live action productions and this week she shares her tips and tricks on the "grit and grime" of VFX character animation.

Week 12A Day in the Life of an Industrial Light & Magic Animator

Shawn Kelly, Senior Animator at Industrial Light & Magic, walks you through an exclusive behind-the-scenes of ILM's production pipeline. Shawn shows you what its like to be a VFX character animator at the famed studio that brought you Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Transformers.

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Creature Animation: Fight or Flight starts the week of September 21, 2020.

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