Bobby Beck


Bobby is the CEO and Co-Founder of Animation Mentor. He previously worked at Pixar Animation Studios and worked on notable films such as Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc.




6 Key Things You Need to Succeed as an Animator

I love my job. I get to see students—who have a massive desire and passion to tackle their challenges internally and externally—make their dreams...

Circus Jam: Online Collaboration – The Making of the Future

The Circus Jam is an animated short film created with 120 artists from 23 countries. All development, modeling rigging and surfacing was done by...

Animation Mentor Partnership with Boutique23

Boutique23 Character Rigs Hello friends! Today we are very excited to announce a partnership with Boutique23, a club where 3D animators, professionals, students and more...

Meet Jules – The Newest Animation Character of Our “Crew”

Jules is the newest member of Animation Mentor's characters that comprise, “The Crew.” The creation of this character has been thoughtfully crafted and we’re...

Animating my first robot vfx shot