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What's New In Character Animation and Storytelling Development

by | Nov 14, 2013

learn how production animation

There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening in our classes at Animation Mentor! In Class 2 of our Character Animation Production Track students are learning what it takes to work in a studio, on a team, and produce animation collaboratively. If you are an alumni who completed the Classic Animation Mentor track or you are currently in Intro to Character Animation & Storytelling — you can register today to start class in January 2014 and produce a short film for your reel.

What’s Awesome About Our Class? We’ve Got A List For You.

1. Learn the concepts of how to develop a story for animation.
2. Create a storyboard that you then turn into an animatic.
3. Understand the process of previs and converting storyboards into 3d animation.
4. Laser focused on storytelling, animation, character beats and story arcs.
5. Every beat of this class is modeled after the studio experience.
6. Hone the filmmaking skills required to succeed at a studio.
7. Come out of class with an animation character test, a previs sequence.
8. Demonstrates your filmmaking chops in character staging, camera placement and framing.

See How The Studios Use The Same Process

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