The Best Mentors

The Original, Online Animation School

Animation Mentor pioneered the concept of mentor-led, online education. Students in our animation program develop a one-to-one relationship with experienced professionals, working in the best studios around the globe. Mentors lead instruction in small, intense classes – no more than 9 students per class. Our mentors provide students with critical, up-to-the-minute insights into the industry, studio best-practices, technology tips and workflows. Students don't need to relocate to get an education from world-class educators. Using our cutting edge, proprietary technology, our Mentors provide live instruction, offer feedback and build lasting relationships with their students over the internet.

The Most Studio-Diverse Faculty of Instructors

Students at Animation Mentor can choose from the most studio-diverse roster of professional animators at any educational institution in the world – we have over 100 mentors on our faculty! Our instructors come from the best studios in the world including:

The Highest Quality Instructors

Instructors at Animation Mentor undergo a vigorous screening and training process. This careful evaluation ensures that they are prepared to give our students the best education and the most for their money. Here's how it works:

  • Our mentors are almost exclusively referred to us by other professionals in the industry
  • We conduct a formal interview and scrutinize their demo reel. We carefully review their accomplishments, the quality of their work and their ability to provide mentorship to students.
  • Our mentor manager trains our instructors on the finer points of our educational methodology — including Live Review protocol, assignment flow, directorship, critiquing, class management, grading, and more
  • It doesn't stop there – our mentors are constantly trained to become better instructors and better resources for their students

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At the heart of the Animation Mentor experience is the one-on-one relationship between students and mentors.