Mentor Jason Taylor Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

Owner, Little Zoo Studio, LLC

Film: Rock Dog, Open Season 3, Open Season 2, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Horton Hears a Who!

Short Film: Rockfish, Quenottes, Radio City Music Hall: Hearts and Lights, Gopher Broke and A Gentlemen’s Duel

Commercials:Chuck E Cheese, Transformers, Freebirds, Cheetos, Robots in Disguise

Video: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas, Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Virtual Reality: The Hunger Games: VR Experience, The Book of Life: Oculus VR Experience, Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot

Did You Know?
Jason enjoys scuba diving, hiking, traveling, and anything to do with outdoor adventure!

Known For:

rock dog Jason TaylorRock Dog
BlueSkyStudios Ice Age Dinosaurs Jason TaylorIce Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
open season 3 Jason TaylorOpen Season 3
BlueSkyStudios Ice Age Mammoth Christmas Jason TaylorIce Age: A Mammoth Christmas

What Jason’s Students are Saying

Jason’s attention to detail, critques and Q&A’s have been an absolute inspiration all through term. I feel my eyes have been opened much wider this class in terms of the direction I need to take my work in. I have learned about adding the entertainment value into my work and making sure the emotional arc of the character is there too. Having a demo in squash and stretch was really refreshing too. Being shown how to do different styles of animation is valuable time.

Jason is a Superstar because of his deep knowledge and the great tips and ideas he always has. In every Q&A he shows us his approach on particular things like eye-darts and blinks etc. He is also very friendly and i feel i can ask him anything.

Jason has been great, he’s held very useful demos in our Q&A’s and shown us the files so we can go through them ourselves afterwards, and always answers our questions. His critiques are very useful, especially with the draw overs, and he always explains the why of why to change something which is mega helpful.