Mentor Joe Antonuccio1 Joe Antonuccio

Joe Antonuccio

Supervising Animator, Blue Sky Studios

Film: Ice Age: Collision Course, The Peanuts Movie, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Rio, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Epic, Rio 2

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Did You Know?
Joe has an absolute love for laughter.

Known For:

blueskystudios ice age collision Joe AntonuccioIce Age: Collision Course
BlueSkyStudios Peanuts Movie Joe AntonuccioThe Peanuts Movie
BlueSkyStudios Rio 2 Joe AntonuccioRio 2
BlueSkyStudios Epic Joe AntonuccioEpic

What Joe’s Students are Saying

I’m pretty darn happy with Joe’s mentoring! He always has a lot to say, and great things to think about. In QA’s he makes it very easy to ask questions, and gives excellent feedback. I think he’s usually pretty tough for grading, which can be great because you know there’s so much room for improvement, but could also be a little intimidating. Overall, I’m definitely extremely happy with my experience!

Joe’s eCritiques are super helpful. Instead of doing a short “here’s your problem fix it” type critique, he takes the time to go into detail showing the problem to an animation and a solution to it. Joe is also available outside of class if you need help and will look at your work or give advice on how to start an assignment. He even demo’s a piece of the current assignment to show a problem someone might be having.

Joe has been a really great mentor! He always had helpful lectures prepared and answered my questions very thoughtfully and thoroughly. I appreciate that he kept me focused on the importance of understand strong body mechanics without getting hung up on other details such as performance. I think I’ve learned a great deal because of this.