Mentor Jude Brownbill 3 Jude Brownbill

Jude Brownbill

Directing Animator, Pixar Animation Studios

Film: Cars 3, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Monsters University, Brave, Cars 2

Short: Rileys First Date

Television: Kerwhizz, Stitch Up Showdown

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Did You Know?
Jude is a former alumnus of Animation Mentor and she is from Cheddar, England home of the cheddar cheese!

Known For:

Pixar Cars3 Jude BrownbillCars 3
pixar good dinosaur Jude BrownbillThe Good Dinosaur
Pixar Inside Out Jude BrownbillInside Out
Pixar Monsters University Jude BrownbillMonsters University

Jude’s Work on Cars 2

What Jude’s Students are Saying

Jude was so helpful every week with preparing slides, sharing her screen to show us small demos, loading our files to teach, and telling us things about the industry, about Pixar, and how people have gotten their jobs. She helped us out so much and I couldn’t have chosen a better first mentor.

Jude has been such a great mentor and has been very helpful at making this first class a fantastic experience as I start my journey in animation. She always encourages us to ask questions and addresses any issues we may be having as well as making sure we have a thorough understanding of each lecture and assignment presented to us each week. Her critiques are very helpful in guiding our animations to tell a more clear and precise story.

Jude does a fantastic job with giving feedback that is clear, concise, positive, and constructive. It has been fun to get her reflections on her work at Pixar and she does a great job with putting the students at ease given the assignments at hand. She is fair on grading and generous with her time.