Mentor Nick Bruno Nick Bruno

Nick Bruno

Supervising Animator, Blue Sky Studios

Film: Ice Age: Continental Drift, Rio, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Horton Hears a Who! and Ice Age: The Meltdown

Video: Surviving Sid

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Did You Know?
Nick loves mowing the lawn. Why? “Gives me time to think and come up with some cool ideas.”

Known For:

BlueSkyStudios Peanuts Movie Nick BrunoThe Peanuts Movie
BlueSkyStudios Epic Nick BrunoEpic
BlueSkyStudios Rio Nick BrunoRio
BlueSkyStudios Iceage Meltdown Nick BrunoIce Age: The Meltdown

What Nick’s Students are Saying

Nick is great! He gives great lectures week after week. Full of information and its a great refreshment. The critiques are spot on. He knows how to focus on the most important thing, how to have great story and make sure it stands out from the average. His e-Crits are to the point and super helpful. He has a good eye to see what works and what doesn’t,and he knows exactly how to make it better. He also gives e-Crits early (Sunday night) which is great because it gives us more time to do fixes early.

Nick cares about all his students and that we have a true learning experience. Great human being.

Nick is the best, most dedicated mentor I’ve had. I’m more motivated because of his dedication. He doesn’t make it easy to get a good grade (awesome!), but he counters it with his critiques. He backs it up with a detailed breakdown of why it’s not fully there…it’s the best. It’s also immensely helpful when we mention that we didn’t get to address ‘xyz’ notes, he doesn’t overlap and repeat what we already know what we need to work on. Plus, he makes himself available during the week!