Mentor Shaun Freeman Shaun Freeman

Shaun Freeman

Animator, WETA Digital

Film: Rock Dog, The Book of Life, The Nut Job, Free Birds, Ted, After Earth, I Frankenstein, Happy Feet 2, Open Season 3, Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, Open Season 2, TMNT, Happy Feet, Everyone’s Hero

Short Film: Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, Loony Tunes: Rabid Rider, Daffy’s Rhapsody, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, and Happy Feet Two

Television: Animalia and Princess

Game: Transformers: The Game

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Did You Know?
Shaun used to teach Senior Chemistry and Biology before working as an animator.

Known For:

Tippett Studio Ted Shaun FreemanTed
Happy Feet Shaun FreemanHappy Feet
Reel FX Book Life Shaun FreemanThe Book of Life
After Earth Shaun FreemanAfter Earth

Shaun’s Demo Reel

What Shaun’s Students are Saying

Shaun knows what he’s talking about. He makes very good and precise points in his critiques and not only point out flaws but also helps improving them with good ideas and suggestions. His Q&A’s are always very interesting. I especially liked those where we all critiqued each other’s work. Not only does it give us an extra constructive look on our work from other points of view, but it also helps us sharpen our own critical look on our work. Great idea.

Aside from being genuinely pleasant, Shaun was very hands on and attentive, identifying my global strengths and weaknesses and working on me as an animator as much as on whichever shot I was on at the moment. He used critique and hangout time very effectively.

Shaun stresses the basics of animation that sometimes gets ignored when you are trying to learn the basics of acting. His in class critics of our work along with the class really helps to strengthen our eyes for animation.