mentor warren goff Warren Goff

Warren Goff

Senior Character Animator, Riot Games

Video Games: League of Legends, Killzone Mercenery, Crysis2, Crysis3, Ryse

Did You Know?
Warren spent over a year teaching himself the basics of animation before landing his first role as a junior animator for Crytek Germany, their he worked on Crysis2 and Crysis3 as well as Ryse in its pre-production. After a short stint as a freelance animator he started working at Riot Games in Los Angeles where he spent the first few years working on the Summoners Rift update for League of Legends. After that he joined the Champion team and now gets to animate new Champions for the Rift!

Known For:

league legends Warren GoffLeague of Legends
ryse Warren GoffRyse
killzone mercenary Warren GoffKillzone Mercenary
crysis 3 Warren GoffCrysis3

Warren’s Demo Reel