11sec vidimg 0112 11 Second Club    eCritique    January 2012


Congratulations to Peter Nagy, winner of the 11 Second Club January Competition! There were a lot of great entries this month, but Peter’s entry won over the voters with its clear contrast between characters and beautiful interpretation of the dialogue’s subtext.

Kenny has been a long-time instructor at Animation Mentor. He is also the founder of Arconyx Animation Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. This boutique studio caters solely to character projects, and has found major success pleasing high-profile clients from Mattel to MTV, Nike to Nickelodeon, and Saban to Sci-Fi Channel. Prior to Arconyx, Kenny started his career as a dustbuster. Soon thereafter, his work began to appear in TV shows, pilots, commercials, games, web, ride films and feature films, with his most notable credits being Scooby Doo 2, Garfield and King Kong. When not hard at work, Kenny enjoys writing screenplays, playing guitar and spending time with his family.


What is the eCritique® Tool?

The eCritique tool is an innovative key element in the Animation Mentor program. Each week, a professional mentor will provide their students with a newly recorded video critique on their weekly animation assignment.
This provides valuable insight, feedback and suggestions on ways to improve students’ weekly assignments and animation skills. In addition to viewing their own critiques, students may also view the critiques of their peers, learning from their mistakes and successes as well.