Max Loubaresse

Congratulations to Max Loubaresse, winner of the 11 Second Club April Competition! There were a lot of great entries this month, but Max’s entry won over the voters with its great acting of this dialogue clip from the TV show, Psych.


Dave Burgess

Dave Burgess is currently the Head of Character Animation for the upcoming DreamWorks film, Trolls, coming out on November 4th. Dave has an illustrious career spanning 30+ years in both 2D and 3D animation. His impressive animation credits include Beauty and the Beast (Gaston), Aladdin (Genie), Lion King (Hyenas), Shrek 2, Madagascar, Turbo, and the new DreamWorks film, Trolls.


What is the eCritique® Tool?

The eCritique Tool is an innovative key element in the Animation Mentor program. Each week, a professional mentor will provide their students with a newly recorded video critique on their weekly animation assignment.
This provides valuable insight, feedback and suggestions on ways to improve students’ weekly assignments and animation skills. In addition to viewing their own critiques, students may also view the critiques of their peers, learning from their mistakes and successes as well.