Our Alumni

Animation Mentor alumni — much like the rest of our community — stretch the globe as they showcase their creativity. They also serve a vital role in the overall Animation Mentor experience by helping current students with their coursework, answering questions about the industry, and offering a glimpse of life in the real world. Best of all, it is never difficult to find our Animation Mentor alumni…check out the success stories below.

Theresa Adolph

“Animation Mentor is like an apprenticeship from the convenience of your own home. For me it was easy, I wanted to become an animator, so I went to AM, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Theresa Adolph Alumni
Shawn Wilson

“The Animation Mentor community creates an environment which facilitates a network of support; allowing us to take our animated works to new heights. The journey at AM has changed my life.”

Shawn Wilson Alumni
Rob Somers

“I’ve attended many different schools in my life, but none were as endlessly supportive and in-touch with their students as Animation Mentor. From Class 1 to Graduation and beyond! AM is the reason I’m living my dream as an animator today!”

Rob Somers Alumni
David Rodriguez

“The incredibly talented mentors and a vibrant community really made it possible as well as ridiculously fun to learn. It has positively impacted my life way more than I could have ever imagined.”

David Rodriguez Alumni
Cheryl Darbey

“Before Animation Mentor came along, I spent 9 years taking animation courses that did nothing to improve my skills. I got hired at my first studio before I had finished the program and I haven’t looked back.”

Cheryl Darbey Alumni
Travis Howe

“Animation Mentor went above and beyond all of my expectations, not only giving me the confidence I had been lacking, it also introduced me to a whole world of quirky, like-minded people that have become a second family to me.”

Travis Howe Alumni
Robert Makin

“I now have friends all around the world, who I keep in touch with regularly, swapping stories and critiquing each other’s work. AM really was a life changing experience and I’m a far better animator for it.”

Robert Makin Alumni
Adam Kaszycki

“Animation Mentor provided me with an amazing community of dedicated peers who will be friends and colleagues for life! The community-based tools really allow us to help and inspire one another during school and beyond.”

Adam Kaszycki Alumni
Lonnie Baranco

“There’s a crazy level of excitement and support you can feel in this program!”

Lonnie Baranco Student
Patrick Rossano

“It has always been my dream to make movies and Animation Mentor made that happen. Through the online community I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. There isn’t an online school that can beat Animation Mentor.”

Patrick Rossano Alumni

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