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You know better than anyone that the animation industry is a fulfilling — yet challenging — world. And the Career Services team is well-versed in the realities of the animation industry to best guide you as you pursue your dream. As an Animation Mentor alumnus, you can access our great student services and features.

Did you know that we?

  • Provide resume and cover letter resources to help you prepare your materials for top studio applications.
  • Provide access to periodic demo reel reviews.
  • Provide resources, tips and tricks to prepare you for industry hiring practices.

Job Listings Exclusive to Animation Mentor

Because of our strong relationships within the industry, studios come straight to us to fulfill their job openings. This means that you can access opportunities — including contract and other short-term assignments — that are exclusive to Animation Mentor.

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When it comes to your career, you want the best education and resources. And with a curriculum that includes our Classic Animation Track and more — you can be assured of the production experience, training, and best practices to help you contribute on your first day in the studio.

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