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Aaron Hartline

Mentor at Animation Mentor
Animator at Pixar

Aaron Hartline loved two things as a child, drawing and watching movies. Refusing to grow up, Aaron went for a career in traditional animation.

After six months at Columbia College in Chicago, Aaron answered an ad in the Chicago Tribune seeking an animator at Game Refuge. Though he had to lie his way through the interview, he was lucky enough to land a job animating monsters destroying buildings for the video game RAMPAGE. Aaron then worked at Big Idea, where he worked on VeggieTales while secretly making his own short film, Half Pint Heroes. The film grabbed the attention of Blue Sky Studios, where Aaron was hired as a rigger and worked his way to animation supervisor, animating on films such as Ice Age, Robots, and Horton Hears a Who!.

Aaron currently works at Pixar Animation Studios and still loves drawing (mostly on post-it notes) and watching movies. You can watch Aaron's animation at and his post-its at


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