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Keith Sintay

Mentor at Animation Mentor
Animator at Digital Domain

Keith had dreamed of being an animator since he could draw his first stick figure. He was inspired to pursue his dream after seeing The Rescuers in 1977; the sketchy pencil lines left on the characters in that movie allowed a peek into the art behind the scenes. To him it was inspiring. He grew up in Michigan and after being distracted by girls and parties, remembered that he had once wanted to make an animated film. So, he pursued the Disney Feature Animation internship by finishing art school and drawing and drawing and DRAWING (there was no CG back then kids). Well, to get to the point, he was accepted into the Disney internship program and was hired shortly after to work on Pocahontas. Keith has worked on Hunchback, Mulan, and Tarzan at Disney Feature, and Spirit, Sinbad and Sharktale at Dreamworks. Additionally his work as a Sr. Animator can be seen on Sony Picture's Open Season, Surf's Up, Monster House, Beowulf and I am Legend.

Currently, Keith is working at Digital Domain in Venice California on Tron: Legacy. Recent projects include Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief and Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.


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