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Mike Gasaway

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After dropping out of the University of Cincinnati's Architecture program in 1993, Mike decided to take life more seriously. Instead, he moved to Minneapolis, MN and entered the field of computer animation.

A spattering of commercials and some medical animations later, he decided to do a short film. Television Monster was created and it landed in film festivals including SIGGRAPH 1996. Walt Disney Imagineering saw the film and offered him a job.

During his 3 years with Disney, he animated on virtual attractions including Hercules and The Pirates of the Carribean. He also worked on a TV pilot concept along with animation that was to be seen at Epcot.

Following a brief stint working with Naughty Dog on the game Jak and Daxter, he moved out to Dallas, Texas and was hired by DNA Productions to be an animator on the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. After 2 weeks, he was promoted to Animation Supervisor. After production wrapped, DNA made Mike one of two directors for the Nickelodeon television series The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

He has directed more than 16 hours of television, including three one hour shows and 1 hour and a half special. During that time, Mike was nominated for an Annie for Best Directing in an Animated Series. He also won an Annie for Best Children's Animated Series.

Development of potential series and features was also a part of Mike's duties at DNA. He developed and pitched multiple projects and was slated to co-direct the next feature with Warner Brothers before DNA closed its doors.

From 2006-2009, while at O Entertainment, Mike served as Supervising Director on Back at the Barnyard, where he directed 14 episodes, including an hour long special and supervised 33 episodes. In 2009, Back at the Barnyard earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program Special Class.

Mike also brought the show Planet Sheen to O Entertainment and acted as Co-Creator, Co-Producer and Supervising Director for most of the first season.

Mike is being represented by Summit Talent & Literary Agency in Beverly Hills and is currently in development of many television and feature projects.


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