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Nelson Brown

Animation Mentor Alumni

Cycle Animator at PDI/Dreamworks

Nelson grew up in the Northwest, in Olympia Washington. As long as he can remember he had three passions: drawing, acting, and telling stories. At a young age, he got the chance to visit Walt Disney Feature Animation, and discovered that there are people who spend their days doing just those things. He never looked back.

In 2004 he graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle, having pieced together a reel and met a great network of friends and contacts.

These contacts soon became his coworkers when he got a job at Griptonite Games in Kirkland, Washington. Nelson worked at Griptonite for 5 years, on such games as Shrek Super Slam DS, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Princess and the Frog.

At Griptonite, one of Nelson's coworkers enrolled in a new online school called Animation Mentor. After seeing just how effective and enjoyable the program was for his friend, Nelson decided to enroll.

He graduated in Fall 2009 with another group of fantastic colleagues.

In 2010, Nelson made the transition to film when he went to work for Reel FX Entertainment in Dallas, Texas. There he had the pleasure of working with both mentors and fellow AM graduates on Open Season 3, and commercials for Shrek Forever After.

Nelson is currently at PDI/Dreamworks in Redwood City, California, working once again with mentors and fellow graduates on Megamind.


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