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Nick Bruno

Mentor at Animation Mentor
Senior Animator at Blue Sky Studios

Since Nick Bruno was a little boy he dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. However, thanks to a refrigerator, his dreams were shattered. Each time he created a new character, or made a funny drawing his parents displayed it lovingly on the fridge for all to see. The attention he received had the affects of a drug, and through his cartoons Nick became an addict for attention. He now mainlines regularly at Blue Sky Studios as a Senior Animator.

Nick Bruno born in May 1980, was raised in Mohegan Lake, N.Y., a small suburb just north of the big city. The eldest of two, Nick spent most of his childhood riding bikes, playing wiffle ball, and causing trouble.

With a love for Looney Tunes, the Muppets, and Ren & Stimpy, Nick knew he must pursue a career in animation. He studied illustration and the fine arts at Umass Dartmouth, and then went on to receive his Masters at NYU studying Computer Graphics and Animation.

Nick started his career as a generalist working on commercials. In 2005 Nick caught his big break thanks to his mentor (pre-AM) Mike Walling, a very handsome and very red-headed Blue Sky Animator. Mr. Walling put Nick through the ringer and eventually helped him land a position at Blue Sky Studios as a Junior animator on Ice Age: The Meltdown. Nick and Mike now commute to work together.

Since "Ice Age: The Meltdown," Nick has worked on the Oscar nominated Scrat short "No Time for Nuts," "Horton Hears a Who," and has recently been promoted to Senior Animator on the production of "Ice Age: The Dawn of the Dinosaur."

Nick currently lives in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., one town over from where he grew up. He lives there with his wife Allison, his daughter Taryn, and their wild pup Cooper. Nick loves spending time with family, watching nostalgic movies, sports, hanging out with friends, laughing in the Treehouse, and writing/developing films with Paul Downs.

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