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Raquel Rabbit

Mentor at Animation Mentor
Faculty at San Jose State University
Independent Animator

Raquel Rabbit was born in Brazil. Before having to pay her bills and be serious about the future, she took her time dabbling in all kinds of fun things: She was in a puppet theater group, played viola in a chamber orchestra, played guitar and wrote songs, took a million dance classes and majored in industrial design. In 1994 she moved to New York City where she attended the School of Visual Arts, earning an MFA in Computer Arts. That's when she got hooked by CG animation. Her student film got screened at SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater in 1997, and earned some awards in Europe and in the U.S. Raquel worked as animator for studios such as Blue Sky and PDI/DreamWorks, Wildbrain Inc. and Tippett Studio, and with renowned directors Chris Wedge (the Oscar winner "Bunny", 1999), Carlos Saldanha, and Henry Sellick (Moongirl, 2005). In the past few years, she mostly worked on films using live action integration with CG - films such as Charlotte's Web, Hellboy, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Happy Feet.

Raquel is also an accomplished writer and illustrator of children's books, which are published in her native country. Her award-winning illustrations are made using puppets, collages and found objects. She wrote many stories, some of which have been published, and some are waiting to be discovered…

Raquel joined the cinema department of San Francisco State University in 2006 and helped design the curriculum for the academic certificate in 3D computer animation. In January 2009, she joined the faculty of San Jose State University. One of her favorite activities, other than animating and playing music, is to be a mentor at the coolest online animation school in the world: Animation Mentor.

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