2D Animation:
Walk Cycles &
Character Movement

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Walks and Locomotion

Animating a convincing walk with strong mechanics is an important skill for every animator to master. In this session we’ll look at the core structure of a “vanilla” walk and how to approach blocking out your animation using 2D techniques and workflows in Toon Boom Harmony or Rough Animator.

Session 02 Personality and Character

In this session we’ll look at how to design an appealing character to animate. We’ll apply those concepts to a personality walk, and also look at how to animate details like the overlapping motion of hair and clothing.

Session 03 Weight and Momentum

The mechanics and weight and momentum are critical components of body mechanics. In this session we’ll study and apply these concepts to a character run.

Session 04 Dynamic Movement

In this session we’ll study the body mechanics of jumping and landing. How to use staging, anticipation, follow through, and overlap to create dynamic and interesting movement.

Session 05 Athletic Movement

In this session we’ll dig deeper into more complicated examples of body mechanics. We’ll look at how to apply weight, balance, and exaggeration to create a compelling performance.

Session 06 Review and Recap

You made it! In this final session we’ll complete our discussion of body mechanics and character performance. We’ll put together a reel of your assignments from this workshop and note what’s working well and where things need to be developed more.