Game Animation
Combat Attacks

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Attack Combo Introduction and Project Overview

You’ll begin to plan a three combo attack in addition to setting up your machine and Unreal Engine 4.

Session 02 Combo Attacks in Depth and Maya to Unreal Workflow

Animate the first attack and hit reaction in the three combo attack and play test the animation in Unreal.

Session 03 Hit Reacts and Dealing with Game Limitations

You'll finish animating the first attack and begin the second attack as well as its corresponding hit reaction. See it sync up into Unreal.

Session 04 Animation Flow

You'll block out the third attack and hit reaction and analyze the control of the flow of the attacks and begin to refine the combo sequence.

Session 05 Workshopping our Shot for Flow

You'll continue to to analyze the flow with three attack combo sequence and polishing it to a final sequence.

Session 06 Games Demo Reel Tips

Feedback to see if your final sequence is demo reel ready and suggestions to help improve it.

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