Game Animation

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Understanding Game Animation

You’ll learn an overview of the game animation workflow. Your first assignment will be understanding and animating idle and pose character positions.

Session 02 Putting it in the Game

Get an overview of how the Unreal game engine works and animate within the context of the game.

Session 03 Understanding Limitation and Constraints

Get insight on limitations on what an animator can do within game animation. You’ll begin to understand basic attack sequences for your assignment.

Session 04 Understanding Transitional Animations

Stitch together the animation cycles you’ve created and integrate it into Unreal.

Session 05 Polishing Your Animation

Once you see your animation in play, now it’s time to polish or add additional animation to make the game play smoother.

Session 06 Breathing Life through Variation - Bringing it all Together

Implement all the animations you created into the Unreal game engine, and control your character through a basic level. Congratulations - you just created level one!

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