Maya Workshop:
Animation Basics

Curriculum Summary

Check out the six-week workshop curriculum:

Week 01
Maya Overview

In this session we cover all the basics of Maya, getting you comfortable with the main aspects of the interface, navigating in 3D space, and working with basic objects.

Week 02
Introduction to Animation in Maya

In this session we dive into Maya’s animation toolset and interface. By the end of this session you will have a basic understanding of how to animate within Maya.

Week 03
Fundamental Concepts of Animation

Using the concepts, tools, and techniques of the previous two sessions, we begin to apply them to a more complex shot using our Squirrels character.

Week 04
Character Animation in Maya I

In this session we look at the basic tools, techniques, and workflows of character animation within Maya. We’ll cover the basics of working with Stewart, one of our biped characters.

Week 05
Character Animation in Maya II

In this session we start to cover more intermediate character animation topics within Maya to increase our comfort with the animation tools available to us.

Week 06
Character Animation in Maya III

In this session we review the key topics covered so far within this workshop as well as more advanced character animation topics.

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