Previsualization Basics
for Animators

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Planning and Breaking Down a Script for Previs

What is previs? In this session, we will go over the importance of previsualization for filmmaking and how the industry has evolved for the previs artist.

Session 02 Building a Previs Sequence

We will define the essentials of a previs sequence from the language to the most commonly used cameras and camera rigs. We will analyze sequences to see how previs helps push the storytelling during the live demo.

Session 03 Making Effects Choices

We'll dive into the animation, effects, and props for a previs sequence.

Session 04 Cameras in Previs and in a Real Environment

We'll cover the differences between a real camera vs. a CG camera and why it's important to keep it 'real' to tell the complete story.

Session 05 Once Upon a Time

We'll learn how to handle changes to previs when working with clients and feedback.

Session 06 Delivering a Previs Sequence

In this final session, we'll put everything we've learned into one final sequence.