Storyboarding 01: Fundamentals

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Telling Stories

Storyboarding is an incredibly powerful tool to quickly share your vision and allows you to iterate ideas quickly. In this first session we'll go over the basics of storyboarding, including structure and common terms, as well as visual storytelling through live demonstration and examples.

Session 02 Once Upon a Time

Storyboarding is all about the tent pole ideas, the main beats of the story that provide the core structure. In this session we’ll learn all about beat boards and what role they play in storyboarding to help tell a complete story.

Session 03 Thumbnails are Not Small Things

When drafting a visual story, you want to clearly and simply communicate your ideas in a few drawings as possible. Thumbnails are about to become your best friend. They may seem simple, but we’ll look at the huge impact they have on storytelling and see how to incorporate them into your process.

Session 04 Laughter is Food for the Soul

Humor can be a powerful storytelling tool, but it’s easy to miss the mark with your audience if your punchline is off. In this session, we’ll analyze what makes a good gag, and the importance of timing and delivery. We’ll also compare the differences of story-driven humor versus random jokes, and see how best to apply them.

Session 05 Be a Storyteller

In the previous sessions, we've focused on building up our storyboarding toolset. Armed with these tools, we're now ready to get into the core of storytelling. We'll learn to phrase our scenes and sequences—and dive into how to use the camera through our visuals to set up a moment within a scene to bring stronger emotional impact.

Session 06 Story is Life

When we tell a story, we are observing life. In this final session, we'll discuss how to build on our skills and grow our abilities to tell stronger visual stories. By taking a look at life and the stories around us, we'll gain a broader library and knowledge of natural storytelling. We'll also do a drawing exercise/live demonstration to connect with a core storytelling aspect in all of us.

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