Visual Development: Principles of Design

Curriculum Summary

6-week course breakdown:

Session 01 Why: Seeing Shapes

Before we can design, we must learn what it means to see. In this first lesson we will learn how to train our eyes to see shapes in the visual world—developing observation skills and learning to see shapes within complex forms.

Session 02 What: Shape Types

In the previous session, we learned to visualize shapes in the world around us. In this session, we will explore the different varieties of shapes and how to search for them. Learn how to simplify complex objects into simple shapes.

Session 03 How: Design Basics

We learned how to look for shapes and the different types of shapes. Now it’s time to apply our analytical skills to our designs. In this session, we will learn the basics of visual design and how to apply them to our art.

Session 04 Who: Emoting with Shapes

Not only can shapes create a unified design, they can also add emotion and personality into our work. In this session, we will cover the psychology of shapes and how to incorporate that into character design.

Session 05 Where: Using Shapes in Environment

We learned how to inject personality and emotion into our characters using shapes, now it’s time to apply the same principles to environments and compositions.

Session 06 Taking Shapes Beyond

In this final session, we will cover how shape design can be applied to multiple applications such as illustration, animation, games, and beyond.