Mentor Jack Parry Jack Parry

Jack Parry

Director/Animator, Parry Animation Studios

Short Films: Calypso, Flutterby, Play Without Words, Bitzitulebocques

Jack has been running an animation studio for over 15 years and has been teaching for over 20 years. He has been using Maya since version 1.0 and also teaches 2D animation and stop motion. Besides working at AM he also teaches at many different universities in Australia.

Did You Know?

Jack is also multilingual. He speaks French and Spanish like a native and also has done postgrad studies in linguistics. He is also a scientist, microbiologist and an engineer.

Jack’s Demo Reel

What Jack’s Students are Saying

Jack Parry did a phenomenal job with the Maya workshop I took with him from end of September – beginning of November. He was great at teaching the different concepts and always made sure to answer all of our questions, even if the session ran a little over. He was always there for us with emailing throughout the week and gave in depth responses to everyone. Even when the workshop ended, he extended his hand in telling all of us that if we have any more questions on anything in the future, we can always get back in touch with him, any time. I was very satisfied with him and because of his encouragement and obvious passion, I fully plan on continuing on with animation mentor in the future. Please just know that he is a fantastic human and an amazing mentor!

This week I am student of the week. icon smile Jack Parry It is really amazing and i’m sure that the start with Jack was a Keypoint to make all this happen.