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Advanced Placement for Character Animation Courses

Have years of experience in animation and you don’t want to start from the beginning? No problem. Animation Mentor offers you the opportunity to jump ahead and be placed into an advanced course.

Just provide a link to your demo reel in your application, it’s that simple! Our staff will review your reel and place you into a course appropriate to your skill level.

The courses available for Advanced Placement are Body Mechanics, Advanced Body Mechanics, Introduction to Acting, Advanced Acting, and Feature Animation Acting & Polish.

How to Apply for Advanced Placement

Get more information on How to Apply and when you provide your demo reel we would like to see an understanding of basic body mechanics in your animation such as a walk cycle.

Step 1: Choose the term you would like to begin your animation journey.

Step 2: Create an account and start your application.

Step 3: Provide a link to your demo reel. (Vimeo or YouTube) in your application. Be sure to add any comments about your reel as well as any passwords that may be needed to access your reel.

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When will I know what course I'll be placed in?

It will take 1-3 business days to review your application and demo reel. You will receive an email indicating which course you qualified for and next steps to complete your placement.

What Animation Mentor Students are Saying

I was a little bummed for being placed into class 2, kinda was hoping to go for class 3. I was still happy because at least I was placed into a higher class and that meant a lot :) And now I'm so grateful I started in class 2, I would've been lost in class 3. I learned so much! I love the AM community, everyone helps and is so nice. I'm used to a work environment where people just don't want to share their knowledge that much because they don't want anyone to get "ahead of them". So coming to a community where everyone is sharing and helping is so refreshing and makes me so happy :D So thank you all.

Thank you all so much- everyone at AM!!! This school was by far the best decision I ever had the pleasure of making, and I've loved every minute of it. From the online resources and tech support to the mentors and classmates, to the CTN meetups and 10yr anniversary party- Thank you for everything you all do for us. I'd definitely like to join the mentor roster one day to always be a part of Animation Mentor!