11 Second Club

Test Your Animation Skills In this Monthly Competition

What is the 11 Second Club?

The 11 Second Club is a free monthly contest where animators can animate a shot based on a dialogue snippet roughly about 11 seconds. Sponsored by Animation Mentor, the submitted animations get voted by the 11 Second community and the winner wins a free eCritique from one of our mentors who are working professional animators from major studios.

11 Second Club Winners

Watch an Ecritique with the Latest 11 Second Club Winner

This playlist updates monthly with the latest winner as the first video. Animation Mentor’s instructors who are working professional animators give feedback to the winners to help improve their animation and take it to the next level.

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What is an Ecritique?

The Ecritique Tool is an innovative, key element in the Animation Mentor program. Each week, Animation Mentor’s professional instructors provide their students with a newly recorded video critique on their animation assignment. This provides valuable insight, feedback and suggestions on ways to improve students’ weekly assignments and animation skills. In addition to viewing their own critiques, students may also view the critiques of their peers, learning from their mistakes and successes as well.