Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2023

Presenting the 2023 Animation Mentor Student Showcase, featuring work from our 3D character animation students.

Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2022

Watch the best 3D animation student work taught pro animators from Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks from the original online animation school.

Q&A with the Founder of Animation Nights New York

An interview with Yvonne Grizenkowicz who founded Animation Nights New York (ANNY), a venue for independent animation filmmakers to be seen.

Animation Students Share Workflow Tips and Career Advice

Alum and Content Creator Sir Wade Neistadt spoke with 10 Animation Mentor students and alumni who animated shots in our Student Showcase.

Meet Darius: The Newest Animation Mentor Character

Please join us in welcoming Darius, the newest member of our character family! Darius is a highly expressive rig, allowing our students to create powerful and engaging performances. We can’t wait to see the stories he’ll star in! Students can get access to this...

Q&A with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Animator Nick Kondo

Why do Animation Mentor students use Autodesk Maya? Is this animation software really that important? Can I learn it on my own?

For answers to these and other important questions, read 5 Reasons Why 3D Animators Should Know Autodesk Maya.

Q&A with Liron Topaz: Lead Animator and Director at DreamWorks Animation

Animation Mentor Co-Founder Shawn Kelly shares why you need more creature animation in YOUR demo reel, regardless of the studios you are applying to. Read along and then go polish your demo reel!

How to Become an Animator with Sir Wade: A YouTuber’s Journey

Have you heard of the bouncing ball? It’s a classic animation exercise that every aspiring animator learns, but it’s not just for beginners. Read on and we’ll show you why the bouncing ball is so much more than just an introductory animation exercise.

Q&A with Lion King Animator Natalia Falowska

Our new blog series focuses on Animating the Six Basic Emotions, and we’re covering them one emotion at a time!

First up is DreamWorks animator Tim Ingersoll with tips on animating Sadness! 🙁

Introducing Snip, a Brand New Animated Short

Our new blog series focuses on Animating the Six Basic Emotions, and we’re covering them one emotion at a time. This won’t surprise you, but the last and final emotion is SURPRISE. Read on for more!