A Real School
Experience Goes Online

Animation Mentor provides all the support and resources you find in a typical brick and mortar school. And this real school experience begins even before your first day of class. That’s because our Admissions Team guides you through the application process.

Then, once you enter campus, we are at the ready to help you with academic and technical concerns. Best of all, you join thousands of others within our global Animation Mentor community to learn your craft and grow both personally and professionally.

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Knowing what you want to be when you grow up is an enormous moment … and one that you need not tackle alone. Our Student Services team connects you with resources throughout your Animation Mentor journey.

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When the time comes for job search assistance, Career Services steps in — even after you graduate and become an Animation Mentor alumnus. Career Services offers one-of-a-kind resources to prepare you for the industry hiring process.

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We want you to focus on your education. So take comfort in knowing that our Technical Care Team is always at the ready to help with your technical issues.

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