Working Together for Our Students

Educational Partners

Women in Animation

Animation Mentor is excited to partner with Women in Animation, an organization that is committed to promoting women in the animation industry and diversifying the stories that appear on screen. With WIA, we hope to further opportunities for women in the Animation Mentor community and beyond, and are so excited to connect our students with this wonderful organization.

About Women in Animation

Women in Animation (WIA) envisions a world in which women share fully in the creation, production and rewards of animation, resulting in richer and more diverse entertainment and media that move our culture forward. The mission of WIA is to bring together a global community of animation professionals to empower and support women in the art, science and business of animation by increasing access to resources, creating opportunities for education, encouraging strong connections between individuals, and inspiring excellence.

The Animation Course

Animation Mentor is delighted to partner with The Animation Course, an online school that gives young animators (ages 11-18) the structure they need to start their animation journeys. Once they are old enough (18+), we welcome Animation Course grads to attend our courses at Animation Mentor.

About The Animation Course

The Animation Course, LLC was created and developed by Chad Stewart, who has worked as a professional animator in film and television for almost 30 years! He has worked with both Walt Disney Feature Animation and Sony Pictures on films like Emperor’s New Groove, Tarzan, and Polar Express, just to name a few. Now he brings his wide experience—both in hand-drawn and computer animation—to the teaching world. His wife, Kayla, partnered with him to begin The Animation Course in 2015 and through the years it has become an award-winning school for students between the ages of 11-18.

This school is completely an online experience with weekly classes and other online learning opportunities. All work is given video reviews by other talented professional animators, which allows for the best growth for each student! The students begin with the basics of animation learning the 12-principles during Level 1 Animation and then continue on to the learning of physics and motion in Level 2 Animation. Levels 3 & 4 Animation are for the writing and developing of the students’ individual films. Each level is 12-weeks long.

Software Partners

Autodesk, Inc.

We are proud to be an Autodesk Learning Partner—students in our Core Animation Courses use Autodesk Maya extensively. Autodesk has also sponsored many Animation Mentor events, including webinars and other educational events.

Curriculum Partners

We worked closely with industry professionals from major studios and production houses to develop our curriculum and exclusive production pipeline. In addition, many of these industry professionals serve as mentors, working directly with Animation Mentor students.

Character Partners


We are honored to work with CGCircuit as a preferred partner for character rigging needs. CGCircuit provided all rigging for our Hatch character.

Josh Sobel Rigs

The Kayla and Kyle rigs were created and rigged by Josh Sobel Rigs. They are available to all our students.

Truong CG Artist

Truong CG Artist provides dynamic creature characters for our creature animation students.

Media Partners

Rhino House

Our friends at Rhino House have an incredible library of animal reference footage that is an essential resource for any animator. Animation Mentor students enjoy a discount on Rhino House’s library of reference footage!


Our partnership with fxphd ensures that our animation students have access to important VFX media throughout the curriculum, particularly in our Creatures Animation workshops.

Become a Partner

Please get in touch to discuss our partnership opportunities and learn how our school might benefit your company.