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You want to be an animator. You are three steps away from making that happen. Let's begin!

Character Animation Courses

If you are interested in starting the Character Animation Courses, you will need to apply to the school first. If you are new to school or have not taken a Character Animation course, applications are required for the following classes: Animation Basics, Body Mechanics, Advanced Body Mechanics, Introduction to Acting, Advanced Acting, and Feature Animation Acting & Polish. Applying to Animation Mentor is free. Animation Mentor requires tuition fees when attending the school.



    Step 1: Create an Account on the Registration Portal
    • Note: if you have previously completed a course or workshop with Animation Mentor, go ahead and login to apply.
    Step 2: Login and Apply
    • The application process is fast and easy - it takes only 10 mins to complete your application
    • Having trouble logging in? Submit a support ticket.
    Advanced Placement

    You can jump ahead into an advanced class in the program if you have prior experience in animation. Learn more on how to apply for Advanced Placement.

    Apply Now

    Get Accepted

    When will you know you’ve been accepted? It takes approximately 3 - 5 business days to process your application. If you applied for Advanced Placement, it will take about 7-10 business days to process. You will receive a welcome email with details on next steps once you are accepted into the program.


    Register & Pay

    You’re almost there! Now it’s time to choose your preferred mentor and class time. Registration for the Character Animation Courses typically opens 8 weeks before the term begins. We will notify you when registration for the upcoming term is open. Be sure to register early and save your seat because they go fast!

    Take an in-depth look on how to register and pay for your course.

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Workshops and the Creature Animation Courses

There is no need to apply for any of the workshops we offer. Our workshops are available at 6 week intervals. Our Creature Animation courses are available when the 12 week term begins.

Pursue Your Dream

You're all set and ready to begin your animation journey. Animation Mentor is a special place that brings artists together in pursuit of a common goal - to become an animator! Now its time to start your journey.

Here's a quick list of what to expect for your first week:

  • Celebrate the first day of the term.
  • The campus opens at 12 noon Pacific Time
  • Watch Week 1 Video News and get to know the Animation Mentor staff and community
  • Review the Hangouts and Gatherings section of the Community Center and meet other students like you
  • Review your class syllabus and lecture schedule
  • Download your tools if you have not already
  • Go to class
  • Pursue your dream

What Animation Mentor Students are Saying

I say this every year. This is the best online school experience I've ever had. The way you guys teach is the way I wish all online schools were taught. You're teaching material never seems to be outdated and the rigs are all top notch. The mentors are responsive and best of all, they all know what they are talking about and have the real world experience. It is in every way like having a mentor looking over me, and handing down a skill that was probably mentored to them. It is great, please keep up the great work. I really hope to graduate from this awesome school.

AM is amazing! It is heaven and I am just really happy to have been able to finally join the school after being an online bystander for a long time wishing I could study in this school. So thank you to all you guy's effort for making AM what it is now for all of us students!