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Featured Webinar

Live Animation Workflow Demo with Jason Martinsen

We had the honor of hosting Lead Reel FX Animator Jason Martinsen for a live animation demo with our Stewart Rig. Watch along to learn how a pro animator approaches a shot, from reference, to blocking, to splining, and polish. Don’t miss the Q&A at the end, our audience asked some amazing questions!

Animation Tips & Tricks

Animating from Home with ILM Animator Jean-Denis Haas

We were lucky enough to host Industrial Light & Magic Animator Jean-Denis Haas for our two-part webinar, Animating From Home. Not only is Jean-Denis a talented animator, he’s wise and fun! Watch Part I and Part II in this playlist.

Timing and Spacing with Pixar Animators

Timing and spacing give meaning to movement in animation. Hear Aaron Hartline and Victor Navone, animators at Pixar Animation Studios, discuss timing and spacing tips and tricks that you can use to make your animation more authentic.

Geek Out with Disney Legend Eric Goldberg

Join acclaimed animator Eric Goldberg and Animation Mentor Co-Founder Bobby Beck as they discuss classic animation techniques.

Anatomy of a Fight with Dr. Stuart Sumida

Dr. Stuart Sumida walks us through the proper way to animate a punch, kick, and shoulder roll in this Anatomy of a Fight webinar. It’s action time!

Career Advice

Animation Career Advice from Shawn Kelly & Carlos Baena

What should I put on my animation demo reel? What can animators do to improve their skills? How do I build my confidence as an animator and an artist? ILM Lead Animator Shawn Kelly and Paramount Director Carlos Baena answer these and other questions in this animation webinar. Don’t miss two of Animation Mentor’s Co-Founders sharing their stories and advice!

Is Your Demo Reel Ready for a Major Studio? – With Shawn Kelly

Learn how to get your demo reel noticed by major studios! Shawn Kelly—Animation Mentor Co-Founder and Industrial Light & Magic Lead Animator—took a little break from working on the next blockbuster to review and critique some student demo reels and to talk about do’s and don’ts, creature animation, and what studios are looking for in your demo reel.

How to Become an Animator with Sir Wade Neistadt

Join acclaimed animator Eric Goldberg and Animation Mentor CEO Bobby Beck as they discuss classic animation techniques.

How to Become an Animator with Blue Sky Animators

We were lucky enough to sit down with Animation Mentor alumni and former Blue Sky Animators Travis Tohill and Dan Segarra to chat with them about their work and animation experience. Enjoy the advice from these pros!