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Enrico Casarosa - Pixar Writer Director - La Luna

What Inspires Enrico Casarosa?

Animation Mentor is proud to bring you Enrico Casarosa, writer and director of the Oscar-nominated Pixar short, La Luna. Join us as Enrico shares his childhood influences and how he used these early memories to inspire his team of animators.

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what inspires carlos baena

Carlos Baena and His Sources of Creative Inspiration

Animation Mentor cofounder Carlos Baena speaks about how our lives outside of animation — our values, wild side, etc. — feed our animation and give soul to the performance. He also shares and explains a simple premise that drives his very existence in the animation world: just love it.

Pixar Lee Unkrich Graduation Commencement Speech

Lee Unkrich Commencement Speech

Animation Mentor was honored to host Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, as its Commencement Speaker, who delivered a genuine and heartfelt message to our graduates.

DreamWorks Tim Johnson Graduation Commencement Speech

Tim Johnson Commencement Speech

Tim Johnson, director of PDI’s (now DreamWorks Animation) Antz and Over the Hedge, gave an enthusiastic commencement address to Animation Mentor graduates.

Disney Animation Talent Development

Behind The Scenes of Disney’s Talent Development Program

Thanks to The Animation Podcast for hosting a special Animation Mentor exclusive of the inner workings of Disney’s Talent Development Program!