Let’s be honest, we love to soak in anything related to animation and creativity … so we have a feeling that you might like our podcasts. These special recordings spotlight unique individuals and their contributions to the world that we love. Take a

Featured Podcast:

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    The Animation Mentor What Inspires You Podcast Series is proud to bring you Enrico Casarosa, writer and director of the Oscar-nominated Pixar short, La Luna. Join us as Enrico shares his childhood influences and how he used these early memories to inspire his team of animators.

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    Carlos Baena and His Sources of Creative Inspiration

    Animation Mentor cofounder Carlos Baena speaks about how our lives outside of animation — our values, wild side, etc. — feed our animation and give soul to the performance. He also shares and explains a simple premise that drives his very existence in the animation world: just love it.

  • Podcast Lee Unkrich Podcasts

    Lee Unkrich Commencement Speech

    Animation Mentor was honored to host Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, as its Commencement Speaker, who delivered a genuine and heartfelt message to our graduates.

  • Podcast Tim Johnson DW Podcasts

    Tim Johnson Commencement Speech

    Tim Johnson, director of PDI’s Antz and Over the Hedge, gave an enthusiastic commencement address to Animation Mentor graduates.

  • Podcast Disney TalentDev Podcasts

    Behind The Scenes of Disney’s Talent Development Program

    Thanks to The Animation Podcast for hosting a special Animation Mentor exclusive of the inner workings of Disney’s Talent Development Program!