Repeat a Class

Continuing Education for Anyone

What is the Repeat a Class Program?

This is our discount program for all students who wish to repeat an Animation Mentor course – pass or fail. Available now for just $1,599.

What Classes Qualify?

The following courses qualify for the Repeat a Class Program:

Animation Basics

Body Mechanics

Advanced Body Mechanics

Introduction to Acting

Advanced Acting

Feature Animation Acting & Polish

How to Register and Repeat a Class

If you meet the requirements for this discount, please do the following prior to registration:

  • Submit a Request on the Support Portal. (Please sign in to the Support Portal before you submit your request.)
  • Select “Student Inquiry” as the topic and indicate “Repeat a Class” in the subject line.
  • Specify the class that you would like to repeat, including the section day and time. Be sure to include a second and third choice in case your preferred section runs out of seats.

Note: You must pass each class before moving forward in the program. See you on campus!

How Can You Benefit from the Repeat a Class Program?

Learning the craft of animation starts with practice. And the Repeat a Class Program is ideal for those of you who want to perfect your skills, learn new techniques, or increase your practice time. In turn, the quality of your work and your confidence will grow. A few additional benefits include:

  • Developing your skills under the guidance of a mentor
  • Continuing to master and refine animation principles
  • Working on completing your demo reel and polishing it to perfection
  • Extending your network with your fellow alumni and our core students