Free Animation Rigs

You asked for a free Maya® rig. And now there are TWO! Stewart and Squirrels are professional-quality rigs
that are available to the entire Animation Mentor community (you!).

Meet Squirrels!

  • Designed by the pros
  • Great for beginner-level animators looking to easily infuse personality into a character
  • Easy-to-use Autodesk Maya controls that allow animators to focus on movement
  • Appealing 3D version of the traditional flour sack animation exercise
  • Before you download, read the terms and conditions.

Meet Stewart.

  • Professional quality rig with intuitive controls and a simple design for Autodesk® Maya
  • Built for action with exceptional body mechanics
  • Great for animators of all levels
  • Before you download, read the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions Summary

Some restrictions apply to the use of these royalty-free characters (“Rig”) and related downloadable or non-downloadable materials (such as videos or Maya files) (“Material”). If you follow the usage rules set out in the license agreement located here (“License Agreement” or “Rules”), you may use the Rigs and Materials to create your own animation (“Your Work”). While you must read and agree to the full license, we provide a summary below. If you have any questions or want to use our designs in some other way not provided for in the License Agreement, please email us at

You must be at least 13 years old to download the Rig and Material. If you are under the age of 13, please do not use this website or download the Rig or Material. If you are under the age of 18 but at least 13 years of age, you may download the Rig and Material only with the permission of, and under the supervision of, a parent or legal guardian.

    You may:

  • Download, display and animate the Rig for your noncommercial, personal use.
  • Create Derivate Works from the Rig, meaning you may modify the royalty-free character to create Your Work.
  • Share Your Work (but people have to get the Rig from us).
    • Under the following conditions:

    • You must include the following attribution notice, in the credits or on screen during a presentation every time you share the Rig, the Material or Your Work. Sorry, burying the notice does not comply (for example, in small print that is hard to find).
    • Rig or Material used with permission (© Animation Mentor 2014). No endorsement or sponsorship by Animation Mentor. Downloaded at

    • You may not use any of Animation Mentor's trademarks or logos.
    • With the understanding that:

    • These Rules only cover the Rig and Material posted on this page. They do not cover any other rigs, characters or materials owned or shared by Animation Mentor or a third party.
    • Stewart and other free rigs and materials are provided “as is” and we will not provide technical or customer support for the Rig.
    • You may use the Rig in your demo reel.
    • You may not use the Rig or any modification of the Rig for assignments at another animation school or online school, class or workshop.
    • You may not use the Rig or any modification of the Rig to promote a commercial venture.
    • You may not give or distribute the Rig or any modifications of the Rig to others (for example, a different outfit for Stewart).
    • You may not reverse engineer the Rig.
    • You may post Your Work on your own site or social media pages, or you may link to a third-party site containing Your Work, so long as the third-party does not break any of these Rules.
    • Once you’ve shared or used the Rig, anyone else using it also has to follow these Rules. You have to be clear with them that it is not you giving permission to use the Rig, it’s us.
    • Animation Mentor or its licensors own all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, in the Rig, Material and Animation Mentor websites. Please respect those rights.
    • Your Work may not infringe anyone’s intellectual property (“IP”) rights, even if the IP rights being infringed do not belong to Animation Mentor.
    • You may not use our Rigs or Materials to create anything that contains pornographic, sexually explicit, lewd, obscene, objectionable, or excessively violent content, promotes or condones illegal activities, or incites hate or violence against an ethnic, religious, or protected group. Whether the content is “objectionable” is up to us.
    • You must get our prior written permission if you want to use the Rig or Your Work in any manner not authorized under the Rules, for example, if you want to enter Your Work in a contest or use the Rig or Your Work in a commercial endeavor, like a film or an animation school.
    • You may not suggest that Animation Mentor endorses or sponsors you or Your Work.
    • You may not share the Rig or use Your Work to portray Animation Mentor in a negative light. Please no attacks on anyone.
    • o In case of any inconsistencies between this summary and the full license, the terms of the full license will control.