Fall 2014 Animation Mentor Party!

Get Ready to Party!
We reached out to the Animation Mentor community and asked what kind of celebration they would like to see in 2014. Based on feedback from the majority of survey respondents, we’re making some changes to our traditional graduation ceremony. You told us you preferred to have a large, open, community celebration next year in Burbank, CA, the week of CTN-X Animation Conference.

We’re very excited to host this party, because we will be better able to find a space big enough for the entire Animation Mentor community and your family and friends! We’re also excited to host the event during CTN-X, one of the largest animation conferences in the world, so we can invite our industry friends, like supervising animators and recruiters from some of the biggest studios in the world. It also reflects the growing nature of our community!

The Details!

WHERE: The Marriott in Burbank (same hotel as CTN-X event)

WHEN: Thursday, November 20th from 7-11pm

NUMBER OF GUESTS: 2 guests per Animation Mentor student or alumni. Kids are welcomed too.

If you want to attend CTN-X from November 21-23, 2014 you will need to purchase a CTN-X pass. The Animation Mentor discount code is AMENTX14.

You do NOT need to purchase a pass for the Animation Mentor party.

ACCOMMODATION: The most convenient place to stay is the Marriott Hotel in Burbank. We recommend booking your accommodations as early as possible – hotels do fill quickly the week of CTN-X. See travel page for more details.

Celebrating our graduates!
This group will receive special recognition during this celebration, so you’ll know who they are. It will not be a traditional graduation ceremony, but we will honor the graduating students.

The graduates at this event are students who are on track to complete the Character Animation Production Track (CS03) or the Classic Character Animation program (AN06) from Summer 2013 through Fall 2014. If you’re not sure where you fit – please do get in touch with us via the Support Center.

Here’s a general guideline on which students are graduating:

  • Students who completed AN06 or CP02 in the Summer 2013 term, which ended on September 13, 2013
  • Students who completed AN06 or CS03 in the Fall 2013 term, which ended on December 13, 2013
  • Students who completed AN06 or CS03 in the Winter 2014 term, which ended on March 28, 2014 (Congratulations, new grads!)
  • Students who are on track to complete AN06 or CS03:
    In the Spring 2014 term, ending on June 20, 2014
    In the Summer 2014 term, ending on September 19, 2014
    In the Fall 2014 term, ending on December 19, 2014

Current students: Please note that taking a term or two off will affect your program completion date, so check the guidelines above when planning your schedule. If you need to take a term off, and won’t complete the program by Fall 2014, don’t worry. We’re more than happy to celebrate you at the party in 2015!

Special notes to our Fundamentals students.
Animation Fundamentals & VFX Fundamentals students, don’t feel left out! While you may not be considered a graduate, we do hope to see you and your family & friends at this event.