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Free Squirrels

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Our second FREE animation rig is now available to the public. Squirrels is a fantastic rig for beginner-level animators looking to easily infuse personality and life into a character. Squirrels is the rig that will showcase the animation principles while still adding unique appeal to a demo reel.

Download Squirrels Now and start in our Maya Workshop: Animation Basics today.

Free Stewart

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Our first FREE animation rig is now available to the public. Stewart is easy to use, built for action, and great for animators of all levels.

Download Stewart Now and learn more start in a more advanced class with Advanced Placement.

Pinky, Twig, and Rock:
The Imps are HERE

Now Available!

You now have even more choices to tell your story … and we can’t wait to see what you can do with the Rock, Twig, and Pinky animation rigs.

Start in our Animation Basics class today.

Stella, Stan, and Sloan

Now Available!

Say hello to the newest rigs in the Animation Mentor collection. Stella, Stan, and Sloan are the perfect learning tools for the intermediate classes within our Animation Fundamentals.

Learn more about our Classic Animation Track.

Classic Characters

Tailor. Basic ball and tail to introduce you to the world of secondary motion.

Ballie. Ball and two legs to focus on how the hips and legs interact in a biped creature.

Stewie. A rig with full biped-character features to learn how to articulate the body.

Learn more about our Classic Animation Track.

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Animal and Creatures

Our advanced rigs are specifically designed for advanced — and realistic — animal and creature animation.

Cat. Migrate from biped to the nuance and nimbleness of a quadruped.

Ogre. Learn the weight and balance of a top-heavy quadruped.

Dragon. Take flight and learn how a fantasy creature moves based on avian anatomy.

Learn more about the Creature Animation workshops.