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Meet Jules – The Newest Animation Character of Our “Crew”

by | Mar 3, 2015

Jules Animation Mentor Rig

Jules is the newest member of Animation Mentor’s characters that comprise, “The Crew.” The creation of this character has been thoughtfully crafted and we’re excited to tell you about the backstory of his name and to whom he is dedicated.

Jules Expression Sheet

Jules Expression Sheet by Deisign

Jule’s gets his name from our incredible alumnus, Jules Jammal. If you knew Jules you would know his passion for animation was contagious and unwavering. He put so much into the art and craft and loved sharing his knowledge and support with everyone around him. Jules passed away in early 2014 from pulmonary hypertension at the young age of 39.

Jules Jammal

Jules Jammal

With the support of his wife, Laura, we are honored to have the memory and inspiration of Jules live on through this character. She has been involved every step of the way and her support has been driving us to make this character as amazing as we possibly can.

  1. Laura Hollenbeck Jammal writes:

    Animation was Jules’s passion, in every sense of the word. He truly loved everything about it, and the animation community as a whole. He always told me that the animation world was a small one, and how supportive the entire community was of one another. He embodied that spirit and I would often find him up late at night doing a crit for another student that had asked for help. He only wanted to see others succeed and if he could somehow help, even in the smallest way, he would.

    I can’t wait to see ‘Jules’ come to life in the stories you all tell.

The Jules character will be available to students of our character animation program starting this upcoming Spring Term. We hope to see you there and look forward to seeing your incredible animations!

-Bobby BOOM Beck

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