Mentor Tim Ingersoll Tim Ingersoll

Tim Ingersoll

Animator, DreamWorks Animation

Film: How to Train your Dragon 2, How to Train your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda Furious Five, Enchanted, Over the Hedge, Shark Tale, Sinbad, Spirit, El Dorado, Prince of Egypt, PageMaster, Cats Don’t Dance, Prince and Pauper, The Little Mermaid, Roger Rabbit, and many more.

Short: Mushka ( short 2D film currently in production) by Disney legend, Andreas Deja

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Did You Know?
I went on the Newlywed Game and won the grand prize!

Known For:

DreamWorks Train Dragon 2 Tim IngersollHow to Train Your Dragon 2
DreamWorks Train Dragon Tim IngersollHow to Train Your Dragon
Disney Little Mermaid Tim IngersollThe Little Mermaid
Road el dorado Tim IngersollRoad to El Dorado