Mentor David Burgess David Burgess

David Burgess

Animation Supervisor, Animal Logic Vancouver

Film: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Trolls, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Turbo, Megamind, Monsters Vs Aliens, Over The Hedge, Shrek 2, Madagascar, Tarzan, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Rescuers Down Under.

Short: Real Inside, Leonardo

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Did You Know?
Everyone thinks I’m Canadian because I went to school in Vancouver and my first job out of school was at the National Film Board Of Canada in Montreal. But no! I was actually born in Newport Beach, CA.

Known For:

DreamWorks Trolls David BurgessTrolls
DreamWorks Peabody Sherman David BurgessMr. Peabody & Sherman
DreamWorks Megamind David BurgessMegamind
DreamWorks Turbo David BurgessTurbo

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What David’s Students are Saying

Dave has been the best tutor I’ve had so far (not to say the others weren’t amazing either). His feedback has been great and highlighted the areas clearly and fairly where I need to push and his class session are incredibly informative and eye opening.

Dave is very positive and encouraging. He gets on board with your ideas and helps enhance it. I love that he draws on top of my animation a lot as this is the most direct way to communicate I feel. Dave’s Q+As are extremely helpful, full of insight and wisdom. He is approachable and friendly. Just an all round nice guy. Thanks Dave, you have helped me become a better animator icon smile David Burgess

Dave’s a great artist and a great mentor. He’s got so much experience from his years of work that it would take years to pass us all his knowledge on animation. However he’s doing a great job teaching us the most important principles and tricks of the craft in an organized manner. I like how he shows us videos of the random stuff that inspire him and how he deconstructs each shot. I also think it’s great that he let us contact him during the week to ask for feedback.

I really like that he’s very positive and it helps me to keep working on my assignment. Also I really enjoy him explaining things with his drawing in Q and A. It’s easier to understand that way and his drawings are great! I appreciate that he gives us e-critique on Monday since I can start tweaking my shot early week. I’m very happy that I chose his class.

Dave is a really commited mentor and his lectures are superb. I love learning from mentors who come with a 2D background and he’s one of the most experienced mentors around having worked on all time classics from Disney and also modern masterpieces. I’ve learnt a lot from him.