Mentor David Tart David Tart

David Tart

Owner, RMAL

Film:  Toy Story, Bug’s Life, Monster’s Inc., Toy Story II, Finding Nemo, For the Birds, Robots, The Ant Bully, Tinkerbell, Three Pigs and a Baby, Goldilocks, Tortoise V. Hare, Smurfs II

Short: The Story of Animation, Parrots Away, Tsunami, The Great Harlot and the Beast, Roommate Wanted, The Wanderer

Video: Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare and Tinker Bell

Television: Bump in the Night

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Did You Know?
I lived part-time on a boat docked at the Berkeley Marina while working on Finding Nemo

Known For:

Ant Bully David TartThe At Bully
Pixar Finding Nemo David TartFinding Nemo
Pixar Monsters Inc David TartMonsters, Inc.
Pixar Toy Story David TartToy Story

David’s Demo Reel

What David’s Students are Saying

David truly knows his stuff. He’s been in the industry since it all started, working on Toy Story. So he knows the backstory behind pretty much every little thing. It’s amazing hearing the history and how things have grown in the industry. He is full of amazing lectures, and what I love most about him is all of the examples he gives. He really likes to focus on good polish, which is where a lot of student animations are lacking. He’s supportive of all ideas, and is really unlike any mentor before.

Dave’s experience allows him to be very clear during the Q&A and E-critiques. He cares about our ideas for the shots and helps us to make it better instead of suggest us to change completely the shot. The Q&A are clear and interesting, we talk about a lot of arguments, from the demos to the industry. Moreover, David keeps us engaged asking us questions. Impossible to get bored!

Best mentor so far. He is very precise in his e-critiques. I try to follow all his directions and they always work very good. He also talks a lot about additional things like how to take directions and don’t get angry icon smile David Tart and how to keep concentration. He is easy going and has a great sense of humor.

David has a huge experience in the industry and you can feel it in the way he teaches to the class! He is very honest on your work, giving real feedback (bad or good) that makes you grow through the term! Cannot ask a better mentor for this class!!!

David has been very inspiring! He was recommended to me by a friend who took his class before. He is very good at making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I really feel like I have started to hit a real spot of growth in my animation style and I am excited for the rest of the class.

I really appreciate David’s Q&As and his style of mentoring – concise and to the point. His Q&As are full of information and every session is a learning experience. Very glad to be in his class this semester.

His lectures were very informative and highlighted a lot of common mistakes animators make. His critiques also helped give me a solid direction for what I need to improve on.