Mentor James Chiang James Chiang

James Chiang

Animation Director, Freelance

Film: Surf’s Up, Open Season, Ice Age: The Meltdown and Robots

Video: Oddbods, VeggieTales: Tomato Sawyer & Huckleberry Larry’s Big River Rescue

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Did You Know?

James received his training from Sheridan College and Disney Animation Studios.

Known For:

Sony Surfs Up James ChiangSurf’s Up
Sony Open Season James ChiangOpen Season
BlueSkyStudios Iceage Meltdown James ChiangIce Age: The Meltdown
BlueSkyStudios Robots James ChiangRobots

What James’ Students are Saying

I’ve honestly never had a teacher better than James Chiang in my life. He even beat out my college writing professor who changed the way I learned to write (I’m very rusty now however). The reason why he is so effective is how he teaches understanding rather than just information. Personally, I had trouble in my high school and college days with paying attention. However, not only did every Q&A kept me interested, but the amount of information given left me excited to learn more.

I believes James is a superstar mentor because not only does he show us things but also explains why they are the way they are. He covers anatomy and other art principles while also giving real life examples from other subjects such as music, athletics and dance. I think the fact that he draws in his lectures is really helpful. His knowledge and deep respect of the history of animation makes him a great teacher. He teaches us how to be actual animators, not just how move things in Maya.

James constantly push us to be the best we can, to believe in our abilities and to trust our instincts.Very fair when it comes to grading. Amazing critiques and Q&A, I’ve been learning a lot.One of his best qualities is that he teaches how to think about animation (rhythm, anatomy/how the body works, the import. of having a good foundation). I wish I were a better animator already so I could absorb everything he says and apply it to my work, but it’s okay it’s all about taking small steps at a time